Happy and Healthy Kuopio 2030 programme

Hyvän elämän elementit

Happy and Healthy Kuopio 2030 is one of the strategic programmes of Kuopio. The program sets the foundation for Kuopio’s journey towards becoming the capital of good life, as envisioned in the Kuopio strategy.

The Happy and Healthy Kuopio 2030 programme is firmly rooted in research-based data on factors affecting wellbeing and health and support for good everyday life. The programme highlights five elements of good life that have an effect on wellbeing and health. These include: routines for a good everyday life, supporters of a good life, inspirations for a good life, livelihood in a good life and living environment in a good life. By promoting the elements of a good life, the aim is to support and promote the good everyday life, wellbeing, health and quality of life of Kuopio residents.

Contact information

Tanja Tilles-Tirkkonen
Coordinator of Wellbeing Promotion
+358 44 718 2506