Physical activity counselling

Free physical activity counselling for adults

  • Do you feel out of shape?
  • Would you like to feel better?
  • Do you need more energy?
  • Where can you find a suitable sports group?

Consult our free physical activity counselling service! Let’s find a way for you to start moving!

For whom?
For 25–64-year-old Kuopio residents whose physical activity is low and who need help in changing their habits.

The counsellors are professional sport coordinators employed by the City of Kuopio. First, the counsellors map out your physical activity and health habits. In addition to physical activity, attention is paid to your eating habits and life management. The aim of physical activity counselling is to help you permanently adopt a more physically active lifestyle. The counselling service requires 12 months commitment.

Remote counselling
Physical activity counselling can also be provided remotely via a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Contact our sports instructors for more information!

Online well-being coaching
The Hyvinvointia elämäntavoilla (Well-being through lifestyle choices) website (in Finnish) contains free self-care programmes for well-being promotion that help you change your lifestyle. You can start the online coaching programmes independently or at a professional’s initiative.

Book an appointment for physical activity counselling

Kaisa Kähärä

Sports coordinator/Working-aged people and physical activity counselling

+358 44 718 2510


Jyrki Tarvainen

Sport coordinator/Kuopio, Vehmersalmi, Riistavesi and Karttula

+358 44 718 4932

jyrki.tarvainen (a)

Noora Jauhiainen

Sport coordinator/Kuopio, Nilsiä, Juankoski and Maaninka

+358 44 748 8228

noora.jauhiainen-rasanen (a)