Indoor swimming pools

Kuopio swimming pools offer versatile exercise opportunities for everyone – including you! Kuopio has two indoor swimming pools and one spa: the Kuntolaakso swimming pool, the Lippumäki swimming pool in Petonen and the Tahko Spa in Nilsiä.

The swimming pools attract water dogs, fitness swimmers, and athletes alike. More detailed information on opening hours, prices, and auxiliary services can be found below, on the individual pages of each swimming pool. Welcome to have some fun in the water!

Kuopio swimming pools also offer guided water exercise, such as infant swimming lessons, swimming lessons for children, and water workouts for adults. In addition, various swimming and aquatic sports clubs organise activities for people of all ages.

Read more about the offering on the swimming pools’ own websites, including information on the guided water workouts.

Kuopio swimming pools