City of Kuopio
Tulliportinkatu 31
P.O. Box 228
FIN-70101 Kuopio, Finland
Tel. +358 17 182 111
Fax +358 17 182 058




Photo: Vicente Serra

Opening hours of Christmas time 2014

Christmas 2014 and New Year will bring changes to opening hours of Kuopio city services. IInformation about exceptional opening hours can be found in the following Christmas memo.

Christmas at Puijo

The Christmas elf adventures take place at Puijo on 15 - 23 December 2014. The traditional decleration of Christmas peace will be held on 24 December at 1 pm. Welcome to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere at Puijo!

Opening times of the Market Alley Pikku-Pietari

The idyllic Market Alley Pikku-Pietari has opened the doors for Christmas 2014. Christmas opening times of this year are 12 - 14 December and 19 - 21 December.


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