Kuopio wants to improve its position as an attractive student city

What should be done in Kuopio to make the city more attractive for students and to make them want to live here after graduation? Answers to these questions will be collected in a project called Student City Kuopio, where students will have the opportunity to share their ideas on how to develop the city.

Kuopio is popular with students: it is home to as many as 25 000 students, with as many as 10 vocational colleges and universities. Kuopio’s attractiveness as a student city is vital for the future of North Savo, as students are already working in companies in the region during their studies and after graduation.

Developing the attractiveness of the city is timely, as the size of age groups in Finland is decreasing significantly already in the near future. It is important to strengthen Kuopio’s attractiveness both domestically and internationally in order to maintain the desired level of student numbers. As the number of international students increases, new solutions are needed to support their integration into the city and the student community.

“Kuopio needs students to bring vitality and new perspectives, and after graduation we hope they will be a skilled workforce to develop businesses and other organisations in our region.”


Aiming for at least 2000 responses to the survey

Student City Kuopio project gives students the chance to tell what they think is good in Kuopio and what they think should be done differently. The project starts on 22.1.2024 with a survey for students, aiming for at least 2000 respondents.

“The survey will collect a wide range of information on key aspects of student life, such as the study environment, housing, hobbies and mobility. This gives us a comprehensive picture of how students see Kuopio,” says Aapeli Tourunen from Männikkömetsä Oy.

You can answer the questionnaire here: Kuopio student survey

In addition to the survey, workshops will be organised for students to create concrete proposals for action to develop Kuopio as an attractive student city. Students are also looking forward to the progress of the project:

“Hopefully, this project will help to improve the position of students in Kuopio.”


Broad cooperation to build an attractive student city

In addition to City of Kuopio, the cooperation includes University of Eastern Finland, Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Sakky Vocational College of Savonia. Anne Heikkinen, Communications and Impact Manager at Savonia, believes that the survey is a welcome way to gather students’ ideas:

“We have a common and genuine desire to take good care of our students, and that's why it's important to know how Kuopio is perceived as a home city for students. Our bright and broad educational offer combined with a good life and a smooth everyday life is a winning combination. As educational institutions, we want to be part of bringing good life, joy and well-being!”


City of Kuopio and educational institutions will inform about the results of the survey in April 2024.