City of Kuopio and Puijo Tower send a signal for the climate by switching off the facade lights for Earth Hour on 23 March

Kuva: Wille Markkanen

City of Kuopio will participate in the event by switching off the facade lights of its own buildings in the city centre area, such as City Hall, Market Hall, Lyseo High School, the Main Library and Kuopio Museum. Kuopio’s landmark Puijo Tower will also be darkened during the event. We encourage businesses and communities to contribute to the global climate event in their own way. Join us to show the light for climate and nature!

Earth Hour, one of the world’s most popular environmental events, is here again, organised annually by the environmental organisation WWF. This year the event will take place on Saturday 23 March from 20.30 to 21.30. Earth Hour encourages everyone to take environmental action and spend at least an hour helping the environment. Earth Hour is therefore not an electricity or energy-saving exercise, but a symbolic gesture to the environment. In 2023, Earth Hour was attended by around 1.3 million people and 229 companies, cities, communities and organisations in Finland.

In addition to turning off the lights, there are many ways to get involved in Earth Hour, such as improving the environmental performance of your business or participating in an event or activity. Everyone can make a difference to climate change through their own choices!