What pisses you off? – meetings for young people 16.4. and 7.5. at 16.30

Kuopio Youth Services and Ohjaamo Kuopio are organising two youth consultation events at Kulttuuriareena 44 (Kauppakatu 44), where young people can tell what causes irritation in their lives and what they think the solution to the problem should be. Responses to the issues raised will be asked from decision-makers and shared with young people.

In the “What pisses you off?” sessions, young people are free to talk about the irritants in their lives. Not all young people have the interest, resources or confidence to participate in “traditional” influence groups, such as youth councils. The aim of the event is to lower the barrier to discussion: almost everyone gets annoyed sometimes. A direct question can quickly get down to a concrete and personal level with young people. The events are a respectful way of discussing issues that are important to young people.

Kuopio Youth Services and Ohjaamo Kuopio want to make young people’s voices heard in matters that concern them. Youth Services are responsible for, among other things, the youth and children’s representative groups. At Ohjaamo, young people get help with different aspects of their lives (e.g. studying, work, housing). Youth participation is an important part of youth work and young people are the best experts in their own lives.