And There Was Light – performance 26.4. in Sotku

Torben Wahlström näyttää esitettä esityksestään "And there was light"

Storytelling performance by Torben Wahlstrøm from Kuopio’s sister city Svendborg, Denmark

Torben Wahlstrøm is a Danish storyteller who will come to Kuopio with his performance “And There Was Light”. The monologue will be performed as part of the sister city activities between Kuopio and Svendborg on Friday 26 April 2024 at 19.00 at the ITAK stage (Sotku), Suokatu 42. Duration of the performance in English is approx. 65 min. Free admission. Please arrive on time as seats are limited (about 100).

Story of a blind hero in the French Resistance – a performance that gives hope in difficult times

How a 16-year-old, blind Jacques Lusseyran could become one of the leaders of the fifth largest underground resistance movement in France during the Second World War? And how did he survive 15 months in a concentration camp? Torben Wahlstrøm provides the answers in a touching monologue.

We follow the first 20 years of Jacques Lusseyran’s life. We hear about the accident that made him blind as a child, but at the same time revealed a light in him, a light that never left. We hear about his understanding of music and of the human voice. It is also the story of how, by the grace of God, as he says, he experienced life, light and joy – a story of friendship, war and love. And how, despite the extreme conditions of a concentration camp, he still managed to love life.

The performance is based on his autobiography “And There was Light”.

And There Was Light:

  • Time: Fri 26.4.2024 at 19.00
  • Place: ITAK-stage (Sotku), Suokatu 42
  • Target audience: Young people and adults
  • Duration: 65 min
  • Language: English
  • Tickets: Free admission. Please arrive on time.
  • Watch trailer in YouTube: