Another photography top name in the VB photography center’s summer!

Gregory Crewdsonin valokuvateos, Alone Street, from An Eclipse of Moths series 2018-2019. Näkymä kaupunkiin, yksinäinen auto liikennevaloissa.
© Gregory Crewdson, Alone Street, from An Eclipse of Moths series 2018-2019.

As usual, the VB photography center’s summer exhibition features works by an internationally known photography artist.
Gregory Grewdson’s “Eveningside” arrives in Kuopio from Italy.

The exhibition has been curated exclusively for the VB Photography Center by Jean-Charles Vergne and will be on display from June 12 to September 15, 2024.

Over the past three decades, Gregory Crewdson (b. 1962) has been fleshing out a portrait of middle America, that America of picket-fence suburbia gazing wide-eyed at the glimmers of a fading dream which has long since faded and wilted.
His cinematographically staged photos have gradually pieced together the fragments of a twilight world.

His oeuvre stunningly interweave an autobiographical dimension with the portrait of a gloryless America as the setting for a humanity devoured by muted angst while steeped in despondency and ennui. Wan lights and deserted streets are recurring tropes in his works, which are prepared like movie sets to produce photos that quite astonishingly remain images from nonexistent films.

This exhibition brings together works from the three series created between 2012 and 2022.
Envisaged as a trilogy, they offer unique insight into a decade of creation, and reveal the two central axes – intimate and political – of the universe that has posited Gregory Crewdson as one of the major figures of photography. Cathedral of the Pines and An Eclipse of Moths mark a pivotal phase due to the intimacy with which they vibrate, crystallized by the images’ locations, which are
deeply connected to the lives of Gregory Crewdson, his romantic and creative partner Juliane Hiam (b. 1974), and their children. These two series imbue the autobiographical dimension with political overtones, most subtly expressed in the photos of Eveningside which conclude the trilogy in 2022.

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