Enjoy Finnish nature this weekend for Wildflower Day!

European peacock (Aglais io) – neitoperhonen in Finnish – perched on a thistle. Picture by Jukka Kettunen

This weekend is a great opportunity to spend some time outdoors and learn more about Finnish nature! On Sunday, it is Luonnonkukkien päivä – Wildflower Day. This day is celebrated simultaneously in the Nordic countries and has also a long tradition in Finland: 21 years and counting! On Wildflower Day, everyone interested can attend guided walks all over Finland and hear more about different plants.

In Kuopio, the city is organising the walk together with KLYY (Kuopion Luonnon Ystäväin Yhdistys) – the Friends of Nature Association. It starts on Sunday, 16.6, at 12 o’clock at the foot of the Observatory in Huuhanmäki.

This year’s theme plant is the goat willow (salix caprea, ‘raita’ in Finnish). This deciduous shrub or small tree blooms early in spring and is a popular food source with wild pollinators such as bumblebees and butterflies.

Participate in observing insects on pollinator weekend!

For the first time, there will be pollinator weekend in addition to wildflower day. Pollinators such as insects feed on plant pollen or nectar and fertilize the plant while acquiring their food. Therefore, they play a vital part both in nature and in the production of food for humans, yet they are currently facing many threats such as the disappearance of their habitats and the rising use of pesticides.

On pollinator weekend, everyone is invited to count pollinators in their yards or in public parks and meadows. Observations can be put into the iNaturalist app. There are picture guides of common species available on Pölyttäjät website (Pölyttäjien valokuvaesite, pdf)

Did you know you can make your own balcony or garden more pollinator friendly with some easy measures? Read the tips on our website.