International networks and cooperation

The City of Kuopio cooperates internationally with an extensive network and participates in several major projects. In addition to the city organisation, companies, associations, and educational institutions are also involved in international activities in Kuopio. 

The city organisation has access to a large number of international networks of both service areas and individual persons. New contacts emerge all the time from different projects and when individuals participate in international cooperation and exchange of experiences, such as learning at work abroad or international conferences. 

The aim of the cooperation is to make the service processes of people arriving in Kuopio from abroad more functional. Another goal is to promote active international networking and contacts of the City, companies in the region, and R&D operators. 

EU cooperation 

The joint East and North Finland EU Office in Brussels has a particular task to share information about EU-funded project work and to connect different project actors, and to provide Europe with a view to the region, while also acting as a marketing channel for the regional talents and competences.

International Networks

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Further information: 

Pirjo Kolari 

Internationality and PR assistant 

+358 44 718 2011 

Raija Kovanen 

Development manager 

+358 44 718 2131