Kuopio’s sister cities

Kuopio has 15 sister cities and a sister region in Estonia. The primary goal of sister city activities is to strengthen collaboration between cities, support internationalization in the Kuopio region, and promote the development of businesses and inter-business cooperation. For this purpose, Kuopio has established an exceptionally close network of cooperation.

Kuopio’s international program emphasizes everyday interactions among people and cooperation between the business community and educational institutions. The strategy highlights 19 areas of Kuopio’s existing international activities, one of which is sister city cooperation. The City of Kuopio’s international working group acts as the steering group and has been monitoring the implementation of international goals in the strategy since 2004. The City Board appoints its representatives to the working group, and the Mayor acts as its chairperson.

In addition to traditional cultural and youth exchanges, key groups include businesses, schools, and the university. Places to visit, internships, and other contacts are most easily found within familiar sister cities.

“Internationality’s Morning Coffee” is an organized network of actors and stakeholders working with international matters in the region. The network engages in informal discussions and presentations of current issues through remote connections or face-to-face meetings.

Nordic sister city collaboration 

In recent years, the City of Kuopio has particularly invested in Nordic cooperation. The international collaboration among the cities of Bodø (Norway), Jönköping (Sweden), Kuopio, and Svendborg (Denmark) has lasted for over 70 years. The goal of this collaboration is to elevate the significance of a Nordic equal and egalitarian society on a global level. During the upcoming eight-year period from 2022 to 2029, the focus will be on strengthening various aspects of sustainable development and resident well-being, as well as expert collaboration. The central themes of this operation are the well-being and participation of children and young people, expertise and the business community, art and culture, and leisure and sports.

Sister cities

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