Open early childhood education and clubs

Lapsia ja aikuisia leikkimässä yhdessä kodinomaisessa huoneessa.

Open day-care centres and clubs are part of the municipality’s early childhood education and care activities. They are intended for children at day-care age who are cared for at home. Participation is free of charge and does not affect the child home care allowance paid by Kela.

Open early childhood education services will reduce the service in Neulamäki and Petonen from August 1, 2024.

Open early childhood education and club will end:
* Neulamäki (Youth Centre, Juontotie 8) club and open day-care centre
* Petonen (Alakatu 6) club.

Please keep an eye out for topical issues relating to open day-care centres and clubs on the social media channels of early childhood education and care: Facebook, Instagram