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Find your next job opportunity with ForeAmmatti!

The digital service offers you a personalised view of working life and the opportunities available to you. 

ForeAmmatti can help you look for your first or next job, ponder the next step in your career, or even change fields. 

ForeAmmatti provides up-to-date information on the labour market, occupations, and the employment opportunities of different qualifications, as well as tools for examining your competence and abilities in a comprehensive manner. ForeAmmatti can help you make your next career moves! 

ForeAmmatti is always there when you need a little assistance in finding your place in working life. You can use ForeAmmatti on your phone, tablet or computer using your browser – any time, any place. The service is accessible and secure. ForeAmmatti is available in Finnish, Swedish, and English. 

As a client of the City of Kuopio’s Employment Service, you will receive access to ForeAmmatti, where you can use the skill mapping tool, find comprehensive labour market information, and assess yourself with the Abilitator self-assessment survey. 

You can learn more about the service here. 

Request your user ID for ForeAmmatti here. 

ForeAmmatti skill mapping tool 

With the help of the skill mapping tool, you can see which tasks and professions your competence is suitable for – and what additional skills you may need. ForeAmmatti’s skill mapping tool helps you examine your competence in a versatile manner, after which ForeAmmatti can find suitable jobs for you every day. 

Last year, ForeAmmatti discovered over one million job opportunities, so it pays to take advantage of what ForeAmmatti has to offer! 

Abilitator self-assessment survey 

ForeAmmatti includes the Abilitator self-assessment survey developed by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. The Abilitator self-assessment survey helps you extensively consider your work and functional capacity. It helps you understand your overall status in the labour market by comparing the results of your skill mapping tool with ForeAmmatti’s labour market data. 

You can carry out the self-assessment survey as many times as you want. You can see how you have developed by comparing your responses to your previous responses in ForeAmmatti. 

Share your competence profile with an expert or coach! 

ForeAmmatti allows you to share your competence profile with the organisation that granted you access to ForeAmmatti. This way, your organisation can help you even further in your job search or career plans. 

It’s up to you how much you want to share! 

Do you want to use ForeAmmatti independently? 

Calling all residents of Kuopio! Take ForeAmmatti’s Omatoimi service into use and improve your job search! 

The City of Kuopio offers the ForeAmmatti Omatoimi (self-service) to all its residents to support them in their independent job search aspirations. As a digital service, Omatoimi is available wherever, whenever, and to the degree that you want to use it! ForeAmmatti Omatoimi is free and non-binding for residents. Your municipality will not receive any information about how you use the service. You can also stop using the service at any time. 

Read more about ForeAmmatti Omatoimi and its use at (available in Finnish).

Accessing the Claned learning environment through ForeAmmatti 

Claned is a modern digital learning environment that aims to produce top-quality learning experiences and streamline the learning process. Claned’s goal is to make online studies more efficient.  

As a client of the City of Kuopio’s Employment Service, you can easily access Claned via ForeAmmatti. You don’t need separate registration or login for Claned, just login to ForeAmmatti and you can access Claned with a click. You can use Claned whenever and wherever you want. It works both on computer and with mobile devices.

At the moment we offer online courses that support your job search, but we are continuously developing our Claned course offering. If you have ideas what you’d like to learn next, please let us know! And if you need any assistance in using Claned, you are welcome to Digiparkki at Navigaattori.

Do you have guestions?

Kalle Mertanen is responsible for matters related to ForeAmmatti and Hanne Karttunen can tell you about the Claned learning environment.

Kalle Mertanen

Employment Counsellor

Hanne Karttunen

Training Coordinator

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