Continuous monitoring

Ilmakuva Kuopion keskustasta Kuopionlahden suuntaan

General provisions on the management of the built environment are laid down in the Land Use and Building Act. The competence of building control covers some matters related to the continuous monitoring.

Issues related to post-construction control include:

  • Unauthorised construction
  • Unauthorised change of use
  • Dilapidated buildings
  • Unauthorised storage
  • Elimination of damage caused by stormwater

Control notification

The above-mentioned control matters can be reported to the building control authority.

Before submitting a control notification, it should be carefully considered whether the matter is so important that the notification must be made. Control matters constitute a significant workload for the authorities.

The -post-construction control does not include, for example, environmental littering, unauthorised felling of trees or disturbing dust or noise caused by construction work. For these matters, the notification can be submitted to the environmental protection authority. Disputes, threatening behaviour or defamation between neighbours fall within the competence of the police.

How do I submit a report, request for action or request for control?

The request can be submitted by letter or to the official e-mail of building control. The request may be free-form, clearly identifying the following:

  • Name of the person making the request / notifier, contact information and date
  • Address of the property to be controlled or other identification data
  • Actions required in the matter
  • Reasoning for the claim
  • Information on the link between the person making the request/notifier and the matter: is they are a neighbour, passerby or something else

We do not process anonymous control notifications.

Regional building control services in Kuopio

PO Box 1097, 70111 Kuopio

Mon–Thu 8:00–15:30, Fri 8:00–14:00

Customer service: +358 17 185 174

Technical emergency duty: +358 44 718 5190

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Phases of processing a control notification

When a request for action is submitted to an authority, it is recorded and, as a rule, it becomes a public document. This means that everyone has the right to be informed of the document.

All relevant parties are consulted by the office holder and possible clarifications are requested.

A decision will be made on the matter, which will be sent to both parties for information. The parties to the dispute have the opportunity to demand that the Building Board correct the decision of the office holder, and the Building Board’s decision can be appealed to the administrative court.

Conditional fine

If the given warning is not followed within the deadline, a conditional fine can be imposed as an effect in the case, as permitted by the Land Use and Building Act. The decision on imposing a conditional fine is made by the Environmental and Building Board, and the party concerned is given the opportunity to present their views on the matter in writing before the decision is made.

Fees for decisions

The fees are based on the building control service rate approved by the Kuopio Environmental and Building Board.

Control plan

Regional building control in Kuopio carries out systematic monitoring of the urban environment. The aim is to increase the city’s safety and attractiveness.

Inspections pay attention to the general streetscape, condition of facades, advertising devices, yard areas, storage and unauthorised construction.

For more information on the control plan for the built environment, see the regional division map (pdf).