Supervision plans and fees

Environmental health supervision is, as a rule, methodical and fee-based. Fees are charged for the services based on rates approved by the Environmental and Building Board. Additionally, all sites within the scope of regular control under the Food Act and Health Care Act are charged an annual basic control fee of €150.

Supervision plan

The supervision plan of the Environmental Health Services describes extensively what the services do and how supervision is carried out. The supervision plan covers multiple years. The plan is updated annually, and its implementation is also evaluated in each calendar year.

Supervision plan for 2020-2024, update for 2023 (pdf)


Fees for processing notifications and applications referred to in the Health Protection Act, Food Act and Tobacco Act, measurements and sample-taking as well as inspections included in the supervision plan are charged according to the approved rates.

Rates for Environmental Health Services fees 2022 and appendices (pdf)

Request for a review concerning Environmental Health Services’ supervision fees

Basic supervision fees

Provisions on the basic supervision fees are laid down in section 72 of the Food Act (297/2021) and section 50 of the Health Protection Act (763/1994). The Finnish Food Authority has prepared a guideline for the targeting of the fees. The parties obliged to pay the basic fee are listed in an Annex to the Health Protection Act. A control site that is brought under planned supervision in the middle of a calendar year is not obliged to pay the basic supervision fee for the year in question. If an operator gives notification of terminating their operations in the middle of a calendar year, the basic supervision fee will no longer be charged at the beginning of the following year.

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