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Yleisöä esiintymislavan edessä KuopioRock -tapahtumassa. Esiintymislavalla nainen laulaa mikrofoniin taustallaan bändi.

An event organiser must ensure that a public event is organised hygienically. This means providing sufficient numbers of sanitary facilities (portaloos, toilets), waste containers and hand washing or sanitisation points and maintaining them during the event. The waste produced must be collected in waste containers and disposed of appropriately. See Valvira’s instructions for more information on the number of sanitary facilities and other hygiene arrangements.

A smoking ban is in operation at some public events, including concerts, and the areas in which smoking is and is not allowed must marked and the public instructed accordingly. If tobacco products are sold at the event, a separate licence must be applied for.

Sound reproduction at a public event must be organised ensuring that the noise does not expose the public to a risk of damage to hearing. When using a sound reproduction system, a so-called notification of noise must usually also be made.

To sell or serve food at the event, registration of this business may be necessary. A registered mobile food premises must give notification of its business to the food control authorities in the municipalities in which the activities take place. The information must reach the local food control authority at least four working days before the activities commence.

If necessary, the event organiser should contact the Environmental Health Services already when planning the event. Event arrangements are also supervised by means of inspections.

More information in Valvira’s instructions and the event guide of the City of Kuopio

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