Event and advertising permits

The landowner’s permission is required for all outdoor and sales events.

Organising events usually requires obtaining different permits and submitting notifications. The permits and notifications have different processing times, so you must be on the move well in advance.

Applying for an event permit

The permit can be applied for by sending a free-form application tokunnossapito@kuopio.fi

The permit must be submitted well in advance of the event, as other permits may also be required depending on the nature of the event.

Permits may only be granted for public areas (not for plots or market squares and harbour markets).

The application must include:

  • contact and invoicing information of the applicant;
  • a description of the event (estimated number of participants, whether abnormal traffic arrangements or closure of the area are required);
  • the exact time with preparation time included;
  • map attachment from the venue (link to the map service)

Permit and event fees (pdf, in Finnish)

Area rental fees (pdf, in Finnish)

Payment category map (pdf, in Finnish)

Park rental fees (pdf, in Finnish)

Event parks (pdf, in Finnish)

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