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Ukko-Loden puu

A natural monument is a protected natural formation. This can be special trees or geological objects, such as a boulder, cave or a giant’s-kettle. A spring or a rare plant deposit may also be protected. The value of a natural monument can lie in its beauty and rareness as well as in its significance for the landscape or science. Since they are protected, damaging and defacing natural monuments is prohibited.  

Most of the few dozen natural monuments in the area of Kuopio are spectacularly large or otherwise special trees or boulders. The majority are located on privately owned land. There are currently five natural monuments on land owned by the City of Kuopio. More information on them is presented below. 

Hietasalo linden tree

An old linden tree on the island of Hietasalo, near the beach. Protected in its entirety, roots included, in 1961. It is known as Kuopio’s largest wild linden tree. 

Särkiniemi boulders

A significant landscape feature, these limestone boulders are located in the suburb of Särkiniemi at the beginning of Lohkaretie (four) and in the yard of the Särkiniemi school (one). In addition to their significance for landscape values, the boulders are botanically valuable because rare mosses that prefer limestone are growing on them. 

Savilahti pine tree

Scenically significant roadside pine in Savilahti near the Finnish national road 5. The pine is large, has ten boughs, and was protected fully, roots included, in 1974, when the tree was already nearly 300 years old.  

Harjula pines

These two pine trees were located on the hillside of Harjula, and they were protected in their entirety in 1974 as scenically significant sites. 

The older of these pines is also known as Ukko Lode’s pine. The tree was damaged by a truck collision and subsequently felled in 2005 for public safety reasons. The story of 250-year-old tree continued on when its top was “planted” to a new location, next to the parking lot in the Niittylahti outdoor recreation area, which was once owned by Carl Lode.  

The other pine is still in its place on the slopes of Harjula. 

Vehmasmäki pine tree

An old pine in Vehmasmäki. Protected, with roots included, in 1979. 

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