Nature reserves

Nature conservation has a long tradition in Kuopio. At the time of its establishment in 1928, the Puijo nature reserve was one of Finland’s first nature reserves. The core areas of Korkeakoski and Pisa have also been protected for a long time. The first protected area at Korkeakoski was established in 1947 and in 1963 at Pisa. 

Nature reserves include diverse habitats such as old-growth natural forests, herb-rich forests, mires and bird lakes. Some of the areas are protected due to the endangered species growing there. 

The area of nature reserves owned by the city of Kuopio is more than 700 hectares. In addition to this, the city has sold approximately 46 hectares of forest land to the state for nature conservation purposes.  

The most important nature reserves owned either entirely or to a large extent by the city are the old-growth forests of Puijo (215 hectares), Kolmisoppi-Neulamäki (230 hectares) and Vanuvuori (125 hectares). All three areas are also part of the EU Natura network.  

The Kuopio region also has numerous nature reserves owned by private parties and the state. If necessary, information on nature reserves located on private land can be obtained from the North Savo ELY Centre. Information on state-owned nature reserves is provided by the Parks & Wildlife Finland unit of Metsähallitus.

Approach nature with respect  

Nature reserves are established in areas with specific natural values, such as endangered or rare habitats and species. These areas will be protected so that they can continue to exist.  

So please follow the instructions below when moving in nature reserves: 

– Avoid wearing out the terrain by staying on marked trails and existing paths.  

– Campfires are only allowed at official campfire sites.  

– When a forest fire warning is in effect, no fire may be made at all. 

– Take your trash with you.  

– Keep pets on a leash. 

The nature reserves owned by the city are listed below

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