Biodiversity Programme

Kimalainen kukkaniityllä

Diverse nature with lush forests and clean lakes is Kuopio’s wealth.  A natural and clean environment has been recorded as one of the foundations of Kuopio’s strategy.

Biodiversity refers to all the various aspects of living nature, the entire spectrum of life.

Diverse nature is the foundation of a healthy and pleasant living environment, which also has clear economic benefits for people. Concern about the loss of biodiversity is topical right now, as the global biodiversity has declined by as much as 27 per cent over the past 40 years. About a quarter of European species are estimated to be at risk of extinction.

The Biodiversity Programme has been drawn up in cooperation with the city’s actors and some external parties. The programme consists of general objectives that implement the objectives of the National Biodiversity Strategy. Each general objective has its own measures, which are implemented in areas such as land use planning and the planning and management of green areas.

Action plan for safeguarding biodiversity in Kuopio 2014–2020

Update to the Biodiversity Programme

The Biodiversity Programme (LUMO) is currently being updated. The LUMO programme contains the most important objectives and measures that the city can use to ensure the preservation of biodiversity in its own activities. The programme sets out the main objectives of improving the state of nature in Kuopio, protecting diverse local nature, improving green connections, protecting valuable natural sites and endangered species, preventing the loss of biodiversity, protecting and improving the state of waters, enhancing the control of alien species, and increasing the knowledge of all residents of Kuopio about the importance of biodiversity. The programme also sets out specific measures for achieving these main objectives. 
The LUMO programme is to be completed and approved by the Urban Structure Board and the City Board during autumn 2023. The new programme will be in force until 2030. The completed programme will be published on the city’s website. 

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Environmental protection planner

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