General information about parking

Kaupunkimaisema loistaa iltavalaistuksessaan.

Parking facilities in the city centre of Kuopio

Parking in the city centre of Kuopio is most convenient in Toriparkki, which is easily accessible from Puijonkatu next to the city hall or near Lyseo high school. The exit ramps can be found on Haapaniemenkatu next to the city hall and near the shopping centre Minna. Toriparkki has a total of 1,280 parking spaces on three levels and it is open 24 hours every day. There are also five electric car charging points on the K1 floor. You can find more information about Toriparkki on the Kuopion pysäköinti website (in Finnish).

Parking facilities can also be found in the city centre at Maaherrankatu 18 (130 parking spaces on two levels) and Haapaniemenkatu 48 (213 car parking spaces on four levels), both within walking distance from the Market Square.

The Kuntolaakso parking facility was opened for customers on 28 August 2019. The parking facility is subject to a fee and is open for 24 hours. Driving in takes place from the street-level drive-in on Hannes Kolehmaisen katu. The parking facility has 358 parking spaces and six electric car charging points. The ice hall B entrance is closest to eight disabled parking spaces.

More information on parking facilities and driving instructions is available on the Kuopion Pysäköinti website (in Finnish).

Good to know about parking

A vehicle that is not actually in traffic use may not be parked or stored in the street or parking areas of the City of Kuopio.

Parking may be restricted by means of traffic signs and, if necessary, by additional signs. These include the following signs: “Parking prohibited”, “Parking prohibition area”, “Pedestrian street”, “Residential street” and “Stopping prohibited”. Parking without a separate traffic sign is also prohibited on the pavement, on a bicycle path and on a pedestrian crossing. Parking is also prohibited five (5) metres before a pedestrian crossing, in the bus stop area, in the roadway to a property/plot and in the grassy area and in the terrain without permission from the landowner (see off-road parking).

Parking and stopping are prohibited at a junction or closer than five (5) metres to the edge of the crossing road (also known as a T-cross) and on a rescue route.

It should be kept in mind that a vehicle must not be stopped or parked in such a place or in such a way that it causes danger or harm to other traffic or that traffic is unnecessarily obstructed and disturbed.

See a separate illustration of the restrictions related to parking (pdf).

Read more about the topic

For more information, see the links below. Current issues are also discussed on the Kuopio parking control’s Facebook page.