Deviation permit and action decision

Deviation permit decision 

A planned building project requires a deviation permit if: 

  • the project differs from the provisions of a legally valid city plan or a legally binding master plan 
  • there is a valid building ban in the area 
  • the project is located in a shore zone, the construction of which has not been prescribed by the master or city plan. 

Deviation permit can only be granted for a special reason. 
(Sections 72 and 171 of the Land Use and Building Act) 

Action decision 

A planned building project requires a action decision if: 

The project may require an action decision and a deviation permit. 
(Sections 16 and 137 of the Land Use and Building Act) 


The prerequisites for a deviation permit and an action decision should first be discussed with the permit drafters. A possible meeting with the permit drafters must be agreed in advance to ensure a free time. Permit drafters also provide instructions for filling in the application. 

There must be a specific reason for the deviation. Reasons related to a person are not grounds for granting the deviation. 

Application and instructions 

Attachments should always include: 

  • a site plan 
  • reports on consulting the neighbors (in the application form). 

If necessary: 

  • other explanatory drawings or images 
  • proof of ownership or possession of the building site (deed of sale, lease or power of attorney) if the applicant is not the owner of a valid title certificate. 

The application and the hearings of neighbours must include the signatures or power of attorneys of all property owners or holders. 

The application material is submitted electronically directly to the permit drafters. 

The deviation and the action decision are valid for two years. You cannot apply for an extension to a deviation decision or an action decision. In addition to a positive deviation decision or an action decision, a building permit is always required. A building permit must be filed during the validity of the deviation decision or the action decision, but the above-mentioned decisions do not need to be valid when the building permit is granted. 

Apply for a deviation permit or an action decision
Application form (in Finnish) This link will open to a new tab


A fee is charged for deviation permits and action decisions based on the price list (pdf) specified in the 14 November 2022 decision of the City Board. The fee charged for the permit decision is defined in the permit decision based on the scope of the preparation of the permit. 

Class I (A permit process with minimal preparation, e.g. properties with a maximum of two apartments) 
Positive decision EUR 550 
Negative decision EUR 225 

Class II (A permit process that is more extensive in preparation) 
Positive decision EUR 1,100 
Negative decision EUR 550 

Class III (The permit process is extensive in preparation) 
Positive decision EUR 2,200 
Negative decision EUR 1,100 

Consultation of neighbours by the authorities is charged on the basis of the price list below: 
By letter EUR 90 / property to be consulted 
Announcement EUR 90 + actual costs of the press announcement 

It should be noted that an announcement does not usually remove the obligation to consult neighbouring properties at the construction site. 

The fees apply to applications received on 1 January 2023 and thereafter. Applications received before this date will be decided on the basis of the previous rate. 

Contact information 

Contact by telephone for land use planning from Monday to Thursday. When doing business at the council house, the meeting time must be agreed in advance. Check the service hours of the person preparing the permit in the contact information. 

Tiia Hyypiä

Planning Engineer

Strategic Land Use

Deviations from the master plan and planning need solution (rural area) Mon–Tue 8:00–12:00 Wed–Thu 12:00–15:30 

+358 44 718 5410 

Arttu Matilainen 

Planning Engineer 

Strategic Land Use 

Deviations from the master plan and action decision (rural area) Mon–Tue 12:00–15:30 Wed–Thu 8:00–12:00 

+358 44 718 5433 

Roope Ruhanen 

Planning Engineer 

city planning 

enquiries about the city plan and deviations from the city plan (urban areas) 

+358 44 718 5096