City planning

Aurinkoinen ja lämmin kesäpäivä. Kuopion Hatsalankatu jonka varrella on uudisrakennuksia ja vanhoja suojeltuja rakennuksia.

City planning creates the preconditions for construction, and the city plan describes the area in more detail than the master plan. The city plan defines the principles of land use and construction, taking into account local conditions, urban and landscape image, good construction practice and other jointly agreed objectives. The city planning activities are guided and monitored by the Urban Structure Board. 

The City of Kuopio prepares a zoning review once a year, which includes a review of pending city plans and changes to city plans that will be pending in the near future. 

All valid city plans can be found in the Kuopio Map Service

City planning announcements 

See the list of city planning announcements below. By choosing the announcement that interests you, you can read information about whether the city planning work is now available for viewing or has already been confirmed. 

Pending city plans on the map 

All pending city plans are presented in the Kuopio Map Service on the Plans and Projects layer in purple colour. By choosing an area of interest to you, you can get more information about the phase of the city planning work, its objectives and the contact details of the planner. The areas delimited by red on the map are the city plans currently available. The viewing period is 30 or 14 days, during which the participants and members of the municipality have the right to make a reminder about the plan proposal. 

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Download important files here 

Planning application (pdf)

Price list (pdf)

Plan entries (pdf)

Kuopio plans and builds 2023 (pdf) 

Contact information 

The customer service for planning is open from Monday to Thursday. When doing business at the council house, the meeting time must be agreed in advance. 

Roope Ruhanen 

enquiries about the city plan and deviations from the city plan (urban areas) 

+358 44 718 5096 

Annika Korhonen 

+358 44 718 5074 

City planning 

Suokatu 42 A, 2nd floor 

PO Box 1097, 70111 Kuopio