Climate wise food for children and young people

Valkoisella lautasella pilven muotoinen leipäviipale, mustikoita sekä omenasta ja paprikasta tehty sateenvarjo.

The City of Kuopio is implementing the “Climate wise food for children and young people” project in Kuopio in collaboration with, for example, Servica, basic and early childhood education services, and educational institutions in the area. The project has received funding from the Ministry of the Environment’s Municipal Climate Solutions Programme. The project was launched in spring 2021 and will continue until the end of November 2023.

Project objectives

  • Reduce the climate impact of the city’s catering services by implementing the city’s strategic and climate policy objectives.
  • Produce information on the CO2 emissions of the city’s catering services and the means to reduce them.
  • Develop the procurement of responsible catering services and the monitoring of environmental objectives.
  • Promote well-being and a healthy, climate wise food culture through education in sustainable food development and engage children and young people in development work.

Key measures in the project

  • Investigating the current climate impact of catering services and developing a method for calculating the carbon footprint of meals as a tool for menu planning.
  • Based on carbon footprint data, producing an estimate of the emission reduction potential in catering services and proposals for steps to reduce the climate impact of catering in schools and daycare centres.
  • Promoting the development of tasty and sustainable meals and service practices and supporting catering service staff through training.
  • Supporting climate wise food education by producing pedagogical materials and background information for the use of early childhood educators, teachers, and catering service staff.
  • Guiding children and young people towards food choices that are in line with sustainable lifestyles and allowing them to try different kinds of legumes and vegetarian proteins in daycare centres and on the Papurata tour for grades 4 and 7.
  • Systematically monitoring food waste and utilising data on food waste in collaboration with catering services and customers to solve the problem.
  • Materials in Finnish