Look at plants on Karho Island

Karho Island off the village of Ranta-Toivala is a diverse destination for a trip. About 53 hectares in area, the island has two nature reserves and an arboretum, as well as reminders of the first steam sawmill in North Savo.

The arboretum has almost one hundred different trees and bushes. The first plantings were made in the days of the Kymi Company at the beginning of the 20th century. In the 1990s, the City of Kuopio added to the plantings and renovated the island.

Except for the courtyards of the two villas, visitors can move around the island freely. On the southern shore, there is a lean-to shelter with toilets and a waste disposal point. The jetty on the northern shore has been renovated for larger boats. An approximately two-kilometre-long arboretum trail provides information about the trees and bushes. On the western part of the island, there is also a marked route that goes around through the nature reserves.