Kuopio Music Centre

Kuopio Music Centre is one of Finland's most significant concert and congress centres, the heart of musical life in the province and home to the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra. The impressive and diverse facilities of the Kuopio Music Centre are ideal for arranging meetings, congresses, exhibitions, as well as various types of company events (e.g. training, road-shows and celebrations).

The music centre is part of the everyday life and celebration of local people. A wealth of diverse programmes for lovers of music, dance, performing arts and culture in general is available. The music centre hosts seasonal visits by elite Finnish entertainers as well as the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra conductor and guest soloists from around the world.

Three music and dance arts institutes are also based at the music centre - Kuopio Conservatory, Sibelius Academy Kuopio Department and Savonia Polytechnic Music and Dance Unit - providing high-level vocational and professional training in the areas of music and dance. 

The Kuopio Music Centre, designed by Esa Malmivaara and Raimo Savolainen, has provided facilities and events for everyday life and celebration since 1985. Near the scenic Kuopionlahti beach, just a few blocks away from the renowned Kuopio Market Square, the concert and congress centre hosts more than 300 events annually and attracts visitors totalling between 100,000 and 150,000.

Kuopio Music Centre’s event programme and ticket sales: http://www.kuopionmusiikkikeskus.fi


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