Kuopio Wellbeing Seminar

Organised annually by the City of Kuopio, the Wellbeing Seminar brings together individuals and stakeholders interested in the promotion of wellbeing and health.  The seminar discusses topical themes related to the promotion of wellbeing and health. The focus areas of the seminar vary from year to year.

Everyday safety as part of comprehensive security – well-being seminar 2024

The tenth well-being seminar focuses on everyday safety as part of comprehensive security. During the day, we will hear both expert speeches from different perspectives and young people’s thoughts on safety. In the afternoon’s Highlight Stage section, the day’s offerings are deepened in dialogue.

Each year, the well-being seminar discusses various topical themes and phenomena related to the promotion of well-being and health. In the 2024 well-being seminar, we will expand our understanding of what everyday safety consists of and how can we all influence it?

Time: Thursday 13.6.2024 at 10-16.45.

Place: Kuopio Music Centre (Kuopionlahdenkatu 23). The rooms are 10-14.45 Chamber Music Hall and 15.15-16.45 Hall of Light.

To whom? The seminar is open to anyone interested in the theme. The seminar is particularly suitable for those working in the promotion of well-being, health and safety.
Registration is open until 31.5. The well-being seminar is free of charge.


10.00 Opening remarks of the seminar, Mayor Soile Lahti, City of Kuopio
10.10 Experiences of everyday security as part of comprehensive security, Sini Erholtz, Senior Specialist, Ministry of the Interior
10.40 Security speech as a creator of insecurity, Docent of Cyber Security Jarno Limnell
11.10 Young people’s thoughts on safety, Kuopio Youth Council representatives
11.30 Crisis resilience through civic action and with municipalities, Docent of Urban Sociology Pasi Mäenpää, University of Helsinki

12.00 Lunch (self-paid)

13.00 Welcome to the afternoon session, Chairman of the City Council, Member of Parliament Marko Kilpi
13.05 Security work in Kuopio, Security Manager Mikko Moilanen, City of Kuopio
13.35 Culture as a builder of sustainable life, CEO Susanna Pettersson, Finnish Cultural Foundation
14.05 Subcultures as an interface with society, Junior Researcher Rony Ojajärvi, University of Eastern Finland
14.35 Refreshing exercise session
14.40 Coffee break

15.00 Dance performance in collaboration with Kuopio Dance Festival

Highlight Stage

15.15 Welcome to Highlight Stage
15.20 What does everyday safety look like in Kuopio? The speakers included Chief Superintendent and Chief of Staff Pekka Koistinen, Security Manager Mikko Moilanen, Project Worker Riia Iivarinen and representatives of Kuopio Youth Council
16.00 Strengthening everyday safety – how to achieve this? The speakers included Chairman of Kuopio City Council, Member of Parliament Marko Kilpi, Lecturer Marko Tolonen from Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Kati Vähäsarja, Head of Civic Engagement Services, and representatives of Kuopio Youth Council
16.40 Closing remarks, Kati Vähäsarja, Head of Civic Services, City of Kuopio

The seminar is organized by the City of Kuopio in cooperation with Kuopio Dance Festival. The seminar will be hosted by Tanja Tilles-Tirkkonen and Jenni Niskanen from the City of Kuopio.

Changes to the program are possible. The program is in Finnish.

Kuopio Dance Festival program

17.00 Elo-Forum at the Hall of Light at Music Centre.
18:00 Dorrance Dance Music Centre (fees apply), more information: www.kuopiodancefestival.fi/shows/basses-loaded-myelination/
20.00 Peeping Tom at the City Theatre (fees apply), more information: www.kuopiodancefestival.fi/shows/diptych/

Contact information

Tanja Tilles-Tirkkonen

Coordinator of Wellbeing Promotion

+358 44 718 2506