Kuopio in Motion programme

The Kuopio in Motion programme will be finalised in the course of 2023!

The Kuopio in Motion programme focuses on the broad-ranging promotion of physical activities, the aim of which is to support the residents’ opportunities for physical activity at different levels. The goal is to inspire an increasing number of Kuopio residents to enjoy the benefits of physical activity on their health and wellbeing.

Having an active lifestyle is supported by enabling diverse exercise opportunities which offer something for everyone. The promotion of physical activity aims at facilitating the mobility of Kuopio residents so that as many people as possible can feel free to exercise without social, psychological or physical obstacles. Everyone has the opportunity to discover their own way of being part of Kuopio in Motion, either individually or together with others. Kuopio in Motion aims to make Kuopio residents feel good and genuinely enthusiastic about physical activities. It creates beneficial everyday routines, social interaction and excitement for life and is an essential part of school and work days and our shared living environment.

Promoting physical activity in a municipality is a multidisciplinary, cross-administrative task that involves the participation of multiple stakeholders. Involving several actors, Kuopio in Motion is a joint operational programme that aims to lead Kuopio towards its vision of becoming the capital of Good Life through the opportunities provided by physical activities.