Iso-Valkeinen recreational fishing ground

kaksi kalastajaa pilkillä

Iso-Valkeinen recreational fishing ground is open in during winter and summer. More information for opening and closing schedule from permits sellers and from City Waters Manager. Separate day permits for recreational fishing ground (not fisheries management fee) are sold from e.g. Hotel IsoValkeinen near fishing ground. During end of the winter season ice conditions are beginning to deteriorate, especially by the shoreline. We recommend entering the area from the south end. Walk on the ice at your own risk.

Fishing permits for Iso-Valkeinen:

  • day permit EUR 21 (personal, quota: 3 salmonids, rainbow trouts, or common whitefish)
  • rod restriction: winter season 2 rods per permit, summer season 2 rods per permit. On the opening day of the summer season, 2 rods per person
  • the prices for fishing permits for businesses start from EUR 120 (e.g. company outings)
  • the monthly permit was not sold due to the high price of fish, this will be discontinued also this year and the matter will be reviewed again next year

The fishing area has a campfire site with complimentary firewood. Children under 12 years of age are allowed to fish for their guardian’s quota with their own rod, provided that the rod is under the control of the child. Boats can be rented from Hotel IsoValkeinen.

  • Where to buy day permits:
  • Hotel IsoValkeinen, Majaniementie 2
  • Tackle store Kalastusväline Rialinna Ky, Hulkontie 5
  • Service Area for the Urban Environment customer service, Suokatu 42
  • The online store (mobile permit, in Finnish)

Upcoming fishing competitions and close seasons during which the recreational fishing ground is closed:


Fishing events and fees of competitions or groups must always be agreed separately with City Waters Manager.

Hook and line fishing, ice fishing, and lure fishing at the Iso-Valkeinen recreational fishing ground have been prohibited by decision of the ELY Centre until summer 2030. Common fishing rights do not apply to the recreational fishing ground, but instead, fishing is subject to a separate permit.

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