kaksi kalastajaa kallavedellä kuopiossa

The waters of the City of Kuopio provide for excellent fishing opportunities.

You can find more information about the fishing opportunities offered by the City under Fishing permits and Iso-Valkeinen recreational fishing ground. The City is also actively involved in the Promotion of the fishing industry.

The City owns approximately 9,500 hectares of water in the northern and southern parts of Lake Kallavesi as well as some areas in the small ponds and lakes on Kuopionniemi. The City is also a shareholder in several bodies of joint owners.

Fish planted into Lake Kallavesi include yearling zander and over 2-year-old lacustrine trout. Plankton whitefish has been planted into the Kolmisoppi, Iso-Valkeinen, Valkeinen (centre) and Leväsenlampi angling areas. A lacustrine trout tagging experiment also began in 2015, and the tags are still requested to be sent back in order to study the results and the growth of lacustrine trout in Lake Kallavesi. The planting of houting also began in 2016.

Angling areas of the City of Kuopio

There are several city-owned ponds between Kallansillat and Matkus. These small water bodies are angling areas of the City.

The angling areas include: the western part of Iso-Valkeinen (on the Päiväranta side of the highway), Pieni-Valkeinen in Päiväranta, Rahusenlampi, Ritosenlampi, Pitkälampi, Saarijärvi, Maljalampi, Sammakkolampi, Leväsenlampi, Pieni-Neulalampi, Neulalampi (the share owned by the City), Litmasenlampi, Valkeinen in the centre, Kuvelammet, Kolmisoppi and Vuorilampi.

When fishing in the angling areas, you can use a single rod, a pole, a jig, a spinner or a trolling lure, or a fly. Adults aged 18–64 are required to pay the State’s fisheries management fee for spinning, trolling, and fly fishing. Fishing with other fishing tackle is prohibited.

The status of these small water bodies is monitored through exploratory fishing as needed, with more detailed reports prepared on a regular basis.

Exploratory fishing reports

Iso-Valkeinen, west




Fishing on the waters of bodies of joint owners

As shareholder in bodies of joint owners, the City aims to promote fishing especially in waters for which it is otherwise difficult to obtain permits and where fishing can help improve and maintain fish stocks. For more information, please contact the city waters manager.

Common fishing rights and fishing restrictions

By decision of the ELY Centre, common fishing rights do not apply in the Iso-Valkeinen recreational fishing ground. Instead, a separate fishing permit must be obtained from the owner of the water area. Common fishing rights are applicable to other water areas owned by the City of Kuopio, in accordance with the fishing permits and regulations.

The City maintains a comprehensive network of fishing cabins, lean-to shelters, cooking shelters, and campfire sites in its water areas. The landing places are freely available for all boaters.

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