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Hunting rights are available for purchase for catching small game, cervid, and pest animals on the lands and waters owned by the City of Kuopio, provided that the lands or waters are suitable for hunting in terms of their location and other use.

For hunting small game, the City has two licence areas for which one-week hunting permits are sold. The selling period begins in August. The price of a hunting permit is EUR 30 (incl. VAT).

Hunting licences must also be applied for areas where small predators (raccoon dogs and minks) can be hunted without having to pay the licence fee.

All hunting permits are purchased from the Service Area for Urban Environment customer service point in the City Council building, Suokatu 42, 70110 Kuopio. Service points

Hunting areas for small game

Licence area 1, LamperilaLicence area 1, NiittylahtiLicence area 2, Iivarinsalo

Hunting areas for raccoon dogs and minks

The hunting of raccoon dog and mink is permitted in the central urban area. The hunting permit is free of charge, but it must be obtained from the customer service point in the City Council building.

Hunting areas on a map

Hunting principles and rates

The Urban Form Committee has validated the hunting principles and rates applicable to the lands and waters owned by the City.

The City forest officer annually reviews and validated the principles applicable to hunting small game.

Rates and the transfer of hunting rightsInstructions for hunting small game

Hound training and testing

The Neulaniemi and Kaijansaari areas can be used for training trial judges and training and testing hounds. The licence fee is EUR 7 per day (incl. VAT).

Training areas for hounds

Contact information

Heikki Soininen

City Forest Manager