Lean-to shelters, huts and campfire sites

Ylä-Antikkalan esteetön laavu

The City and various village associations maintain around 100 rest stops and landing areas for hikers and boaters. The stops are equipped with e.g. lean-to shelters, cooking shelters, fire pits, and fishing cabins. Most of the rest stops are suitable for both summer and winter use.

Some rest stops have been built in the vicinity of urban areas and city centres, making them reachable by public transport. However, most are located on the Kuopio shoreline and the archipelago and along hiking trails. In the winter, ski tracks and snowmobile trails often run past rest stops.

The available facilities vary by rest stop. Some have woodsheds with firewood, outdoor toilets, and waste collection. Stops located near water bodies often have docks with buoys or separate kayak launching docks. Fishing cabins might have their own saunas. Some stops do not have any facilities, which means e.g. that the user must take their rubbish with them.

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