Accessible sites

Ylä-antikkalan esteetön laavu

There are several rest stops in different parts of Kuopio that are suitable for people with reduced mobility. Most are accessible lean-to shelters or cooking shelters that can be reached during the summer, but e.g. the Ylä-Antikkala lean-to shelter is also accessible in the winter. Cars equipped with parking cards for people with reduced mobility are allowed to drive to the Puijonnokka lean-to shelter and Pölhö. The road to Pölhö is blocked by a barrier that has to be unlocked with a key, which you can borrow from the customer service point in the City Council building. The Suovunkoski lean-to shelter and Nurmisaari are also reachable by car. The road to Nurmisaari is also blocked by a barrier, the key for which can be obtained from the customer service point. There are accessible archipelago sites in Hietasalo and on the Vatanen island. The ability to land depends on the current water level, which is why we recommend taking a personal assistant with you.

Other accessible sites include the Summanlampi campfire site by the Riistavesi-Vehmersalmi boat passage, which you can also reach by car. The Niittylahti and Suur-Petäinen lean-to shelters in the Vehmersalmi direction are also accessible, as is the way to the Vuorilampi campfire site in the Kolmisoppi-Neulamäki area.

Accessible lean-to shelters in Tahko include The Nallelaavu and Sieraniemi lean-to shelters and the Tahkon rantakota campfire hut. The Mäkiautio lean-to shelter is accessible if assisted.

Some of the above sites still lack an accessible outdoor toilet, but we aim to build new toilets also for people with reduced mobility. Metsähallitus’ service (in Finnish) provides more information on nature destinations and their accessible services, among other things.

There is a short, 200-metre accessible nature trail at the top of Puijo, but so far, there are no other accessible hiking trails in the City. However, there are different types of equipment intended for off-road mobility. Read more at e.g. the Inclusion Finland KVTL website or the Malike website (in Finnish).