Cycling trails

Kuopio offers versatile opportunities for cycling. The varying terrain allows for planning just the right route for each cyclist’s individual skill level. Elevation differences enable choosing between hilly and more demanding trails and routes suitable for more leisurely travel. So get on your bike and start exploring the city!

There are currently marked cycling trails in the Puijo and Tahko areas. The mapping of the cycling trails in Kuopio is ongoing, and more trails will be marked in the future.

Cycling for children

What could be more important than encouraging children, young people, and families to cycle? Here are some cycling tips for schools, teachers and parents!

The Viisaat arjen matkat (Smarter everyday trips) project

Find tips and ideas from these videos on how to make smarter physical activity part of your everyday life.

Use the Vilkku city bikes!

Kuopio city bikes, or Vilkku bikes, are a convenient and sustainable option for moving around in the city centre. Click on the link below to learn more about Vilkku!

More information on cycling in Kuopio

Cycling trails in Kuopio