Walking and cycling

Kauppahallin edessä kolme talvipyöräilijää.

In the Kuopio urban region, the combined share of walking and cycling is approximately 43 per cent (Mobility study of the City of Kuopio in 2018). 

In the future, the importance of walking and cycling in urban traffic will be further emphasised. The larger the number of journeys made by walking and cycling, the less congestion in car traffic and the smoother the flow of traffic. Walking and cycling are sustainable modes of transport – they do not cause greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution or noise. Regular physical activity by walking or cycling promotes well-being. 

In the central urban area (Sorsalo-Hiltulanlahti), there are 275 km of shared pedestrian and bicycle paths and 114 km of footpaths for pedestrians only. The busiest routes are the main routes leading to the city centre and the Savilahdentie route at the university. 

The programme for promoting cycling in Kuopio defines measures for developing cycling. In the coming years, the cycling network and bicycle parking will be improved and cycling tourism will be promoted. More attention is also paid to winter maintenance, so that cycling can be an easy option all year round. Kuopio has developed walking and cycling conditions, especially in the vicinity of the city centre. In the development of the Savilahti area, good conditions for walking and cycling have been the starting points for planning. With the construction of the pedestrian city centre, the area’s surroundings have become more pleasant. The “rännikatu” alleyways that are so typical of Kuopio are important for walking and cycling. 

Kuopio’s dense urban structure and short distances provide a good foundation for the growth of environmentally friendly modes of transport. An electric bicycle is an excellent solution for the hilly terrain and winter conditions in Kuopio, especially when a cyclist does not want to sweat. Vilkku city bikes, the city bikes in use in Kuopio, were very popular during the first cycling summer of 2019.   

It is possible to order a free service from the City of Kuopio that warns of dangerously slippery pedestrian and cycling roads by text message. 

Kuopio cycling map 2024 (pdf)

Kuopio cycling promotion programme 2018 (pdf)

Kuopio cycling route network survey (pdf)

Cycling parking survey in the centre of Kuopio on 22 December 2021 (pdf)

Ordering a text message warning for slippery pedestrian and cycling routes (pdf)

Instructions for operating electric scooters