Ball fields

The ball fields of Kuopio are great for playing football, baseball, and many other sports. There are ball fields with both natural and artificial turf, as well as several gravel fields. For more information about the ball fields, click on the links below.

The gravel fields and artificial turfs are freely available if there are no bookings. Natural turf fields must be booked through the booking service, unless the field details state otherwise. Bookings for gravel fields and artificial turfs are also made through the booking service.

Please find contact information for bookings below.


Ball field booking fees

Sports facility service fees

Booking calendars for ball fields

Use the links below to view the bookings made for the natural turf, artificial turf, and gravel fields:


You can browse bookings from the Timmi booking calendar, but you cannot register and book facilities yourself.

Bookings for facilities

Visiting address: City Council building, Suokatu 42, 70100 Kuopio. Service and telephone hours: weekdays 9–11 and 12–14.

+358 17 182 550

Ball fields in Kuopio