Disc golf courses

Kuopio has more than ten disc golf courses. As the name suggests, disc golf is a sport with rules similar to golf in which discs are thrown into disc baskets. The aim is to go through the course from start to finish with as few throws as possible. Disc golf is suitable for everyone, because you can do it exactly as you like: either playfully and leisurely or extremely competitively. What a fun family activity!

The disc golf courses of Juankoski, Maaninka, Nilsiä and Tahko are maintained by the City of Kuopio. Other courses are maintained by clubs and associations. The courses are free to use, so feel free to come and play!

Scroll down on this page to find a list of all the disc golf courses in the Kuopio area. Locations and other details can be found on the pages of the courses.


Borrow discs from the library

If you feel like disc golfing but don’t have any discs, not to worry! You can borrow sports equipment from the Kuopio library free of charge. Find out more about the available equipment from the link below.

Borrow sports equipment from the library