Youth centers in Kuopio

Please notice that due to Coronavirus countermeasures all youth centers are closed until 27.4.2020.

City of Kuopio has several public youth centers located in different parts of the city. Apart from their regular functions, youth centers may be booked for private events.

Detailed pricing for rental costs of any facilities may be found on this document (In Finnish):

A booking may be cancelled for no charge, if the cancellation is sent 10 days before the date of the booking.

Some organizations, such as local youth clubs and junior sports clubs, or residential associations may be exempt of the fees.

There are two types of reservations for the facilities. Any facility may be booked for regular use by a repeating schedule or for a single-use reservation.

Applications for bookings for the period 1.8.2020-31.5.2021 should be sent on 30.4.2020 latest. Please use this form

For more information, please call +358 44 718 2665