Puijo sport and recreation venue

Puijo is Kuopio's winter sports centre, where many competitions are held in ski jumping and skiing. In the summer time, you can enjoy the wide network of exercise tracks and follow Finnish baseball in Puijo.

Puijo sports centre is situated in nature conservation area, about 2.5 kilometres north of the city centre.

Skiing trails and exercise tracks

Dozens of kilometres of skiing tracks, nature trails and exercising tracks crisscross the variable terrain of Puijo.
Some of the skiing tracks located on Puijo hill are classified as demanding, and they meet international standard. There are, however, also suitable trails for those who want to enjoy the lighter exercising and relax out in the open.

The dressing rooms are open from Monday to Friday 7am–9pm and from Saturday to Sunday 7am–6pm.

Exercise tracks and skiing trails

Jumping hills

At high-class Puijo Ski Jumping Center there are 5 jumping hills: K120, K90, K64, K28 and K16, of which K120 is the largest. Protected from the wind the ski jumping centre is designed for year round use.

Practicing fees:

  • One practice (forenoon or afternoon) 19,50 euros (citizens), 39,00 euros (others)
  • Two practices (day time subscription) 30,90 euros (citizens), 61,80 euros (others)
  • Foreigners can pay for using the jumping hill for practicing with cash at the Puijo tower Gift shop.

Slalom slopes

Beside the jumping hills there is a 400 metres long slalom slope, which is mainly used for practicing and competitons of Kuopio Ski Clubs. 

Baseball Arena

Also Kuopio  Baseball Arena is located in the Puijo sports and recreation centre.

Rservations Rservations

Tel. 017 182 550
Email: liikuntapaikkavaraukset(at)kuopio.fi

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