Tennis courts

Playing tennis is especially enjoyable in summer at the Väinölänniemi venue, with its six tennis courts. Tennis enthusiasts can also use the outdoor tennis courts located in many districts of the city free of charge.

Väinölänniemi Tennis Courts

At the Väinölänniemi venue, there are six tennis courts which are disposable during the summertime. Near the tennis courts, there are also dressing rooms for the players, a kiosk and the beach.

Asphalt paved courts

Citizens can also use the asphalt paved tennis courts. These outdoor tennis courts are located around the city. Make a reservation on the list that can be found on each tennis court.

Tennis courts in urban area:  

Tennis courts in village centers:

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Tel. 017 182 550
Email: liikuntapaikkavaraukset(at)

Current situation with the reservations
It is possible to view the reservations already made but one cannot log in/book shifts to the calendar.