Anti-racism week in Kuopio 18.-24.3.2024

National Anti-Racism Week will be celebrated again on 18-24 March 2024. Racism is the discrimination of a group of people on the basis of their ethnic origin, skin colour, nationality, culture, mother tongue or religion, for example, as inferior to others. This year’s theme is tackling racism. It encourages people to recognise and respond to racism.

Finnish Red Cross website has tips on how each of us can take action against racism.

Good population relations and anti-racism work in Kuopio

Kuopio’s integration programme is being updated this year and will include targets for promoting good relations with the population.

Kuopio is a pilot city in the Council of Europe’s project “Building an intercultural and inclusive approach in Finland (BIIAF)”. Six Finnish pilot cities have identified their activities to promote good intercultural relations and are receiving conclusions and recommendations for further development from experts.

City of Kuopio’s Equality and Equal Opportunities plan for services was updated at the end of 2022 and is currently being revised. The aim is to identify concrete areas for improvement, such as the need to develop multi-channel and multi-lingual communication. You can read more about the Equality and non-discrimination plan here.

International House Kuopio service concept is being built and further developed by city’s employment services to make it easier for foreign language speakers and professionals settling in the area to find and organise the services they need in their daily lives. Find out more about International House’s activities:

Kuopio also has an active Gypsy working group appointed by the city government. Working group’s mission is to ensure an open exchange of information between different departments of the city and Gypsy population and the city.

Kuopio city authorities and their partners have prepared the following programme for the anti-racism week:

  • In the Community Centers a Mixed Words game and the Flower of Harmony craft workshop throughout the anti-racism week, during opening hours. Content suitable for all ages, may vary between locations. More information

    – Männistö Community Center (Kalevalankatu 23 A) Tue-Thu 19-21 March 9-14.
    – Särkiniemi Community Center (Särkiniementie 4) Tue-Sun 19-20 March 9.30-14.30
    – Puijonlaakso Library (Puijonlaakso shopping centre, Mailatie 2) Fri 22.3. at 10-15
    – Vehmersalmi Community Center (Satamarannantie 1) Thu 21.3. at 9-13
    – Länsi-Puijo Community Center (Rypysuontie 68) Fri 22.3. at 9-11
    – Neulamäki Library (Juontotie 6) Thu-Fri 21-22 March at 9-13
  • On Wednesday 20.3.2024 at 15 in the City Hall: Welcome to Kuopio -event for international newcomers in Kuopio to support integration and feeling welcome in a new city. Opportunity to get to know the service providers and network. More information:
  • Saturday 23.3.2024 10-12 at Brahen Puisto Park: Families’ sports day. The event is open to everyone and especially aimed at immigrant families.