Community centres

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Are you looking for a place to hang out, meet other people, engage in hobbies, or spend your free time? Or do you need a place for the meetings for your knitting club, book club, or photography group? What are community centres, and what can they be used for? Can I come alone or with my kids, my spouse, friends or schoolmates? Follow us on social media to get the latest information about events: Kuopion asukastoiminta on Facebook.

The community workers of the City’s civic engagement services keep seven community centres around Kuopio. The City also organises community activities in libraries to promote engagement. Maaninkatalo and the community centre in Karttula are also available for use by the residents for similar purposes, but please note that there are no community workers present.

Would you like to organise an event or meeting in a community centre? Read more about using and booking community centres.

On this page, you can find links to the pages of the community centres and to the community activities organised around the City. You can also download the seasonal programme to find information on daytime and evening activities.

Community centres and activities

Who are the community centres for?

All residents are welcome to participate in activities and organise events in the community centres. With all residents, we mean literally everyone: from families with children to schoolchildren, students, working-aged people and pensioners.

You can attend community events, participate in activities arranged by clubs and associations, sit down for a cup of coffee or tea, hang out, read daily newspapers, play games, or simply study. Residents can also make suggestions for activities or organise events themselves. Every year, we arrange various events in collaboration with approximately 150 partner organisations. We are constantly looking for new partners, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Community centres are used for all kinds of hobby and club activities. Most facilities are equipped with computers and offer digital support for using the computer. Events and activities organised in the community centres are always free of charge. Everyone is welcome to spend time and engage in activities.

Download the programme

Weekly programme for community centres spring 2024 (in Finnish)

Current events on the Kuopion Seinä service: Kuopion Seinä (in Finnish)

Contact information

Katja Haarus
Community worker
Neulamäki, Saarijärvi, Kohtaamo
+358 40 718 2419

Tuula Kaikkonen
Community worker
Karttula, Särkiniemi
+358 44 718 2823

Heidi Kotikumpu
Community coordinator
+358 44 718 2462

Outi Kuosmanen
Community worker
Nilsiä, Vehmersalmi, Kohtaamo
+358 44 718 2155

Minna Toivola
Community worker
Maaninka, Männistö, Petonen, Puijonlaakso
+358 44 718 2017

Pirkko-Liisa Lehtonen
Community worker
Länsi-Puijo, Männistö
+358 44 718 2417

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