Männistö community centre

ihminen maalaa taideteosta.

Welcome to the Männistö community centre! Community centres are places for meetings, hobbies, and club activities. The City and various other parties use community centres to organise a variety of events and activities open for everyone. You are warmly welcome to take part in events and meet other residents.

You can attend community events, participate in activities arranged by clubs and associations, sit down for a cup of coffee or tea, hang out, read daily newspapers, play games, or simply study. The community centre activities are free of charge (excluding excursions).

Are you interested in arranging, for example, a reading club, exercise group, or other activity in the community centre? The community centre can be used for organising various activities and events, as long as they are open to everyone. Read more about using and booking the community centre.

The Männistö community centre has a computer and printer for residents to use, as well as the Savon Sanomat and Helsingin Sanomat newspapers to read. There is also a recycling point for goods.

The City of Kuopio coordinates the activities of the Männistö community centre. Community workers are present on Tuesdays and Thursdays while volunteers answer for the activities on Wednesdays. On Fridays, recreational activities are organised by the Männistö parish.

Location and other information

Address: Kalevalankatu 23 A, 70500 Kuopio
Open: Tue–Thu at 9–14, Fri at 9–12

Events and activities at the Männistö community centre

Regular programme

  • Club activities at 12: knitting, arts and crafts etc. according to the participants’ wishes.
  • Digital support for senior citizens (Savonetti), Thu at 14 (sign up in advance, tel. +358 50 377 7987)

Download the weekly programme for community centres, spring 2023.


  • Will update soon

Contact information

Pirkko-Liisa Lehtonen
Community worker
+358 44 718 2417

Minna Toivola
Community worker
+358 44 718 2017

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