Community activities

Community activities organised by the City aim at promoting the health and well-being of residents and supporting good life. We want to encourage collaboration, self-motivation, and activity among residents. So what is it that we do?

The City of Kuopio’s civic engagement services aim to promote residents’ engagement in communal events and recreational activities through various partnerships. Residents and communities are encouraged to participate in activities, organise events, and bring together residents and actors.

Explore community centres

Community centres

Is there something your wish to organise with friends, on behalf of an association, or with your hobby club? Is there something missing in your neighbourhood? Do you have an idea for an event? Are you looking for a space for hobbies or meetings? This is community activity at its finest! Ask how we can assist you!

Community activities organised by the City of Kuopio are non-commercial, politically unaffiliated, and irreligious. In 2022, there were 50,982 encounters in community activities organised by the City. Dozens of events were organised in community centres and other venues with a total of 153 partner organisations. Experiences and smiles were shared all around the urban and rural areas.

Community centres and networks

In addition to the community centres, community activities are supported and promoted throughout the city through networking. The City’s public spaces, such as libraries, youth facilities, schools and parks, can be used for community activities, while ensuring appropriate overall resource allocation. Explore community centres.

The City regularly organises community events in the Neulamäki and Puijonlaakso libraries. In Maaninka, networking coordinated by the City is an established way of developing the region. Our aim is to use the same operating model in the development of other rural areas. Our Community coordinator is happy to provide more information, see contact information below.

The City’s community workers participate in various network around the urban and rural areas, such as residents’ and village associations, projects, and networks of organisations. You can find contact information for the community workers below.


Community activity plan for the City of Kuopio (pdf) (Kuopion kaupungin asukastoimintasuunnitelma)

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Contact information

Katja Haarus

Community worker

+358 40 718 2419

Tuula Kaikkonen

Community worker

+358 44 718 2823

Heidi Kotikumpu

Community coordinator

+358 44 718 2462

Outi Kuosmanen

Community worker

+358 44 718 2155

Pirkko-Liisa Lehtonen

Community worker

+358 44 718 2417

Minna Toivola

Community worker

+358 44 718 2017