City Council

The City Council decides on the City’s strategy, key operational and financial objectives, and approves the City’s financial statements. The Council appoints the members of the City’s governing bodies, such as the City Board and the boards, and appoints the most important official positions. 

City Council meetings can also be viewed online: City Council meetings online 

Members of the City Council 1 August 2021 – 31 May 2025 

Council seat distribution 

  • Centre Party 14 
  • National Coalition Party 12 
  • Social Democratic Party 10 
  • Green League 8 
  • Finns Party 6 
  • Left Alliance 4 
  • Christian Democrats 2 
  • Freedom Alliance 2 
  • Movement Now 1 

total: 59 

Chairpersons of the city concil

Marko Kilpi

Chair of the city council

Leila Savolainen

1st vice chair of the city council

Harri Auvinen

2nd vice chair of the city council

City Council meetings 

The City Council meets in the Council Hall at Suokatu 42. The Council meetings are open to the public. 

City Council meetings online: 

Council meetings can be watched live online 

City Council meeting agendas and minutes 

Council initiatives 

After the discussion of the matters mentioned in the notice of the meeting, a council group and a councillor have the right to submit written initiatives on matters concerning the operations and administration of the municipality. The initiative shall be submitted to the Chairperson, who shall acknowledge receipt of the initiative. 
The initiative is not taken up immediately but is sent to the City Board for preparation. Measures resulting from council initiatives shall be decided by the body competent under the law, administrative regulations, or rules of operation. The City Board shall refer the matter of the council initiative to the City Council for information without delay. The City Council may refer the matter back for further preparation. 
If the City Council is competent in this matter, the matter is referred to the City Council for decision. 
Council initiatives can be found in the annexes to the minutes of City Council meetings. 

Council initiatives 2023 

  • 27 March 2023 Council initiative / Launching of Pitäjät kuntoon development project – Centre Party council group etc. 
  • 27 March 2023 Council initiative / Report on the budget proceedings of the Education and learning service area for councillors – Miia Eskelinen-Fingerroos etc. 
  • 27 March 2023 Council initiative / Dog park for Kuopio centre – Markus Jukarainen etc.