Elections and voting

Nainen äänestämässä puisessa äänestyskopissa vaaleanpunainen hame päällä.

Municipal elections 

By voting in municipal elections, you can influence things that are a part of your daily life. 

Municipal elections are held to elect councillors to municipal councils. These elected officials will exercise the highest decision-making power in municipalities for four years. The number of councillors to be elected depends on the number of residents in the municipality. Kuopio City Council has 59 members. 

Municipal elections are held every four years. 

Regional elections 

In January 2022, Finland’s first regional elections were held, in which regional councils were elected to the wellbeing services counties. Until now, municipalities have been responsible for organising social welfare, health care, and rescue services. In the future, the wellbeing services counties will be responsible for them. A wellbeing services county has self-government, and the highest decision-making power in matters concerning the county is exercised by the regional council. 

The assignees elected in the regional elections decide on the organisation of local services in the wellbeing services counties from the beginning of 2023. 

Composition and meetings of the regional council of the North Savo wellbeing services county. 

Parliamentary elections 

Parliament is Finland’s highest government body. It exercises legislative powers and also decides on government finances. 

Members of Parliament are elected by election every four years. The election day is the third Sunday of April in the election year. Every Finnish citizen who has reached the age of 18 not later than on the day of the election is entitled to vote in parliamentary elections. 

European elections 

The Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are elected by citizens of the EU Member States in the European elections. 

Presidential elections 

The President of the Republic is one of the highest government bodies in Finland with the Parliament and the Government. The president’s tasks are mainly related to foreign policy. 

According to section 54 of the Finnish Constitution, the President of the Republic is elected by a direct vote for a term of six years. The President shall be a native-born Finnish citizen. The same person may be elected President for no more than two consecutive terms of office. 

The President is elected by a direct vote, if necessary in two rounds.

Presidential elections 2024

More information about the elections

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