Security and Resilience nationally

The Kuopio region has gathered diverse expertise in the field of security. The Emergency Services Academy Finland specializes in civilian readiness, preparedness, and international rescue operations. The Emergency Services Academy Finland benefits from an excellent training area and other security-related learning environments in Kuopio.

The Emergency Services Academy Finland, along with the Finnish Air Force’s Karelia Air Command in Siilinjärvi’s Rissala, and the concentrated security-related official activities in the area, as well as the security expertise of local universities and research institutions in areas such as water and nutrition, collectively form a significant body of expertise and development potential.

As Finland’s only Emergency Services College with extensive training facilities, it provides professional training leading to qualifications for rescuers, emergency center dispatchers, and firefighting officers and commanders. The college also offers supplementary training in rescue operations, official preparedness, and training for international rescue missions.

A strong foundation of expertise and traceability in food production, combined with innovative product development and robust collaborative networks, makes the region highly attractive to investors in the food industry. The networking, collaboration, visibility, and product development efforts of the area’s food industry stakeholders are further supported by the Northern Savonia Agri-Food Cluster.

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Sirpa Lätti-Hyvönen

Strategy Director