Kuopio for students

Those who choose their own path change the world. First their own, and then others. In Kuopio, you get to choose your path. Welcome to the city of passion joy, and freedom! #cäpital


biggest city in Finland

124 000


25 000



vocational schools and universities

Kuopio is renowned for its diverse education and study offerings. The city hosts several high schools, vocational schools, a university of applied sciences, a university, a summer university, the Emergency Services Academy, and a conservatory. Additionally, the Kuopio region’s sports academy facilitates the seamless combination of a sports career and education.

Kuopio is known for its expertise in well-being and health. Other key sectors providing employment in the region include cleantech, bio-economy, technology industry, as well as ICT, digitalization, and tourism. All of this is brought together in the lively learning and innovation environment of Savilahti, where joy and light abound.

In Kuopio, you can pursue your ideal educational path in the relaxed beat of the city, always just a stone’s throw away from nature.

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