Kuopio City hall

Kuopion kaupungintalo kesäisessä maisemassa

The City hall’s current russet exterior dates back to 1974. In the 2017 vote for the most beautiful municipal halls, Kuopio City hall was selected in the top three. The building is protected and belongs to a nationally significant built cultural environment. 

Kuopio City hall was built in a remote location 

The City hall of Kuopio must not be built next to the Market square far away from the city centre. The city will never grow to be that large.” 

This is what people said and believed in Kuopio in the 1880s. The City hall was built, however, to this remote location between 1882 and 1885. Architect F.A. Sjöström designed the Renaissance Revival building. The construction work was led by architect Josef Stenbäck. Stylistically, the City hall represents the Renaissance Revival of the latter half of the 19th century. 

The City hall has been used in many ways. The building has housed, among other things, a fire brigade’s spray equipment, an auction room, a library with its reading rooms, and a fire watchman used to stand guard in the tower. The current City office staff facilities once used to be prison cells. 

Restoration in the 1970s respected old traditions 

The interior has undergone many changes over the years. Mural and ceiling paintings were covered with grey, monochrome paint already in the 1900s, and there is a total of three or four layers of cover paint.

In the renovation of the 1970s, actual restoration was carried out in the downstairs lobby, stairway, upstairs lobby, banqueting hall, and the former City Council session hall, which was converted into a staff canteen. In these spaces, primarily walls and ceilings were restored, and the floors were replaced while taking into account restoration considerations. Some of the original fittings, such as luminaires, were also restored. 

The latest interior renovation was carried out between 1976 and 1979. That is when the air conditioning was replaced, new room arrangements were made, and the interior paintings were restored. 

“Oikeus kansaa ohjelevi. Wapautta laki vartioivi”


At the western gable of the City hall is a text “Oikeus kansaa ohjelevi” (lit. “Justice leads the people”) and at the eastern gable “Wapautta laki vartioivi” (lit. “Freedom is guarded by the law”). The words come from a poem “Porthanin kuvapatsaan paljastettua” (lit. “as Porthan’s statue is revealed”) by A. Oksanen. It was not until 1900 that these texts were placed on the City hall walls. That was also when the previously not obtained clock was purchased. 

Kuopio City hall was last selected as one of the three most beautiful municipal halls in Finland in 2017. 

City Hall is the centre of the Kuopio administration 

Currently there are more than 50 people working in the Kuopio City hall. 

The offices of the Mayor, deputy mayors, and executive secretaries are located on the second floor of the City hall. The City Board also meets on the second floor. 

The City Office, employee services, and communications and marketing are located on the first floor. The basement floor is used for storage and archives. In the 1980s, a meeting room and its service space were built in the attic. 

Renting the City hall banqueting hall 

You can rent the banqueting hall in accordance with the rental terms. City hall is primarily used for the City’s offices and meetings. The outsider use of the City hall is based on the premise that the event is dignified and appropriate for the City hall. 

Before signing a rental agreement and applying for a rental waiver, please confirm the availability of the banqueting hall at the desired time from the City hall janitor either by phone or email. 

Renting the banqueting hall 

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